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Create your own chat server


Manage your own chat network by renting a Chat Horizon chat server today.

Server Features

Create and manage your own chat network with Chat Horizon Deluxe state of the art chat software.  Chat Horizon Offers rental servers which are controlled by you.  We offer free webhosting with all chat server packages.

Online Chatters

Unlimited concurrent chatters

Member Database

Unlimited user accounts

Chat Rooms

Unlimited chat rooms

Message Boards

Unlimited message boards


Upload / manage avatars

Premium Membership

Manage premium memberships


Enable server to be multi lingual


5GB Website Storage


Unlimited Bandwith

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate for your domain

FTP Access

FTP Access

MySQL Database

1 MySQL Database


Unlimited email address’s
([email protected])

Wordpress Installation

Free WordPress installation


Quality support



Our chat service is modularly structured.  Windows such as the YouTube player and history window can be moved or hidden to suit a chatters preference.  Chatters are represented by an avatar and can move around a room by drag and dropping or by a single mouse click.

Friends List

The Friends List is a list of all your friends, divided in “online” and “offline” friends. New friends can be added without their permission.  Users are notified by a sound when a friend logs into the chat service.

Facial Expressions

A chatters avatar face will change when a command such as 🙂 😀 is sent to a chat room.

Avatar Composer

Each chatter can design his or her own avatar by custom dressing their avatar, starting with a naked base doll. The dressing categories are: hair, upper body clothing, lower body clothing, shoes, facial accessories and other accessories. The total number of different avatars is endless, so every chatter can personalize himself.  Items can be restricted to premium members only.

Chat Rooms

After logging in successfully, the chatter enters the default chatroom, which is the same for all chatters based on their language. A Window Explorer-like room tree is the gateway to go to other rooms. This room tree can have multiple branches. Only a limited number of chatters may access each room. Rooms can be flagged as “Members only, Premium only and Moderators only”, thus allowing access to specific users. The rooms can also be listed in alphabetic order or by the number of chatters.


Registers members can customize their personal profile using our profile editor.  Profiles can include HTML and images.  Certain personal profile information can be hidden.

YouTube Player

Premium members can stream live YouTube videos to a chat room.  Moderators can remove a video if it deems inappropriate.

Chat Options

Ignore User – Chat messages can be blocked by annoying chatters.
Away – Users can be marked as away by typing /a or /away, selecting “I’m Away” from chat options or by no activity within the last 15 minuites.

Guest / Member

Chatters can access the chat service as a guest simply by entering a temporary user name or by entering a member login name and password. To become a member, an online registration form containing personal information, like the standard demographic details, hobbies and interests, must be completed. A activation code will be sent to the users email address to verify their identity.

Moderators (Slide 1)

Moderators keep the chat server safe from chatters who violate the rules.  The following moderators are available:

System Administrator – Is the owner of the server, this moderator has full access.  Identified with a white plate.

Administrator – Can assign / remove any moderator, change room backgrounds, remove premium members, kick and ban chatters and remove profiles.  Identfied with a white plate.

Moderators (Slide 2)

Senior Moderator – Can assign / remove moderators and kick chatters.  Identified with a dark blue plate.

Moderator – Can kick chatters in any chat room.  Identified with a light blue plate.

Senior Location Moderator – Can assign / remove location moderators and can kick chatters in the room they are assigned to.  Identified with a dark green plate.

Location Moderator – Can kick chatters in the room they are assigned to.  Identified with a light green plate.

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